[osg-users] [build] make install_ld_conf does not work n Debian Stretch

Bernd Hahnebach osg at b75.ch
Fri Dec 22 11:44:42 PST 2017


I successful compiled OSG. I can use it in my other application if I pass the build and src path to my other application. But if I install it my other application does not find the libraries if I install the application. This seams to be because of this:

The build system is configured to install libraries to /usr/local/lib64
Your applications may not be able to find your installed libraries unless you:
    set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (user specific) or
    update your ld.so configuration (system wide)
You have an ld.so.conf.d directory on your system, so if you wish to ensure that
applications find the installed osg libraries, system wide, you could install an
OpenSceneGraph specific ld.so configuration with:
    sudo make install_ld_conf

But if I run make install_ld_conf after make install it refuses to do something it says no rule to make "install_ld_conf"

How do I update the ld.so configuration ?  Or is it possible just to install osg in the normal lib in /usr/local ? 


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