[osg-users] [Non-DoD Source] Re: OSG gathering during my visit to Virginia in December

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 17:00:27 PST 2017

HI All,

All three choices look reasonable. I'm torn between the Bufferoverflow
Wing Factory and the Micro Brewery Factory, the BWF for it's being so
close to here, but my love of interesting beers drawing me towards the
Micro option.  The Green Turtle looks fine too, though neither as
close as the BFW or as novel as the MBF.

I will defer to local knowledge of what is best for relaxing and being
able to hear the banter.  I don't fancy talking over a dozen TV's.

I have usually been back to the Hotel by around 6pm, so could do a
time around 6 to 7pm at the earliest. I won't have time to check
online during the day though so if there needs to be communication
tomorrow during the day to settle time and place then feel free to
confer between yourselves and I can head out to where ever you all

I fancy having a few beers so will get an Uber (first time for
everything, rural Scotland hobbit that I am), but if someone is
passing close the Doubletree perhaps I could blag a lift and get
chauffeured :-)


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