[osg-users] Collada Importer with Blender

Florian GOLESTIN florian.golestin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 02:04:56 PST 2017

Hello everyone, 

I've built OSG 3.5.7 with the Collada Plugin, however when I try to import a .dae file exported by Blender it fails with the following message:


$ bin/osgconvd ~/Téléchargements/BLEND/Player2.dae Player2.osgt
I/O error : Is a directory
Error: Extra content at the end of the document

Error: Error parsing XML in daeLIBXMLPlugin::read

Error: Failed to load file:/home/florian/jeux/OpenSceneGraph/build.gl2/

Load failed in COLLADA DOM
Load failed in COLLADA DOM conversion
Error reading file /home/florian/Téléchargements/BLEND/Player2.dae: read error
Error no data loaded.

Does it sounds familiar to someone?


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