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Chris Kuliukas chris at kuliukas.com
Wed Aug 30 14:03:25 PDT 2017

Fair enough.. I do understand the frustration of supporting unfamiliar devs in an FOSS project.

I already understand and agree with your post, but I think you took me wrong I'm not making a big deal out of anything and value OSG highly. 

Based on your post I'll move on to something more concrete: Attached is a example OSG program in OSG 3.4.1 demonstrating vertex attribute aliasing causing issues.

There are 8 option permutations to try viewing cow.osg and a osgParticle system with vertex attribute aliasing, uniforms, and shader based particles either on or off. A number provided as a command line arg decides the case.

The results are:

		// 8 pemutations of 3 options, 0-7
		// Case 4 : Black cow (vertex attrib aliasing)
		// Case 5 : Black cow, purple particle smoke (vertex attrib aliasing, shaders)
		// Case 6 : Black cow (vertex attrib aliasing, modelviewandprojectionuniforms)
		// Other cases: Shiny cow, white particles

And I can't seem to turn it on only for the required programs and off otherwise.

Since I can't use legacy gl_* uniforms/attribs in modern shaders you need OSG to set them or to set them yourself. And if you can't enable vertex attrib aliasing or modelviewandprojectionuniforms because they break other things as above you can end up trying unusual things and causing grief on the support mailing list.

http://www.hrwallingford.com/facilities/ship-simulation-centre (http://www.hrwallingford.com/facilities/ship-simulation-centre)

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