[osg-users] RayTracedTechnique hangs with Intel HD Graphics

Clement.Chu at csiro.au Clement.Chu at csiro.au
Wed Aug 30 00:31:05 PDT 2017


   My program uses RayTracedTechnique for volume rendering, but it hangs with Intel HD graphics 520, 530 and 620. My old laptop works fine which is using Intel HD Graphic 3000.  Other machines with Nvidia cards are working fine too.  I believe the problem is on shaders in the sampling loop.  My program is using osg 3.2.3.  I also tried to upgrade to osg 3.4.1, but the same problem occurred with Intel HD Graphic 520, 530 and 620.  Do anyone have similar problem and any solution to fix it?  Many thanks.

Clement Chu

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