[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.4.1 released!

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hi Robert,
  Compiled release version OpenSceneGraph-3.4.1 x64 with visual studio 2013 update5 in windows 7 x64 SP1,no errors.

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Hi Lincoln,

On 29 August 2017 at 15:22, Lincoln Nxumalo <lincoln.nxumalo at gmail.com> wrote:
Would it be possible to merge the patch from the submission below in the upcoming maintenance releases? It is a reasonable workaround for people using MFC and it does not impact anyone else.

You clearly haven't read my announcement, I've tagged 3.4.1 and update the website, announced the release. I've spent weeks asking for testing and feedback and you wait till after I've made the release. The 3.4.1 boat has sailed, there will be no more changes to 3.4.1. 

Any further fixes to the 3.4 branch will have to merged into this branch and could be part of future 3.4.2.  If there fixes that are appropriate then either post them to osg-submissions or generate a PR on github.  From the original thread it was clear that the issue wasn't clear cut, the fixes would have fixed things for some users but broken things for others.  if an appropriate fix had been proposed then I would have merged it.

In future please read my posts and take account of them, asking for patches to a release that has already been made is really bad practice.  Releases aren't free for me or others in the community, they take a lot of effort from myself and others in the community to get them tested, and get everything updated.

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