[osg-users] How can I increase the performance? Two different scenarios

Gianni Ambrosio g.ambrosio+osg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 09:28:03 PDT 2017

OK, let's start from one issue (maybe I can get some answers).

I have a wavefront/obj file that loaded in my application is pretty slow.
Frame rate ~ 7
geometry # 13
Vertices # 4914461
Primitives # 9648023

The obj file is loaded by the osg_obj plugin.

What can I do to improve the performance?
First of all I thought of splitting the geometry in chunks. Is there anything useful in OSG libraries? Is there a known algorithm just for splitting the mesh?

I gave a look at MeshLab and CGAL library but I didn't find anything doing just that. MeshLab is really fast manipulating that huge mesh! in CGAL there is a mesh segmentation but it's much more then splitting and it is a quite slow process.


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