[osg-users] Dynamical loading of resources

Joachim Gehrung joachim.gehrung at iosb.fraunhofer.de
Tue Aug 22 06:05:16 PDT 2017


sorry for my late reply. One of my requirements is that the backend should be flexible... this was why is was so attached to the DatabasePager when I first heared about it ;). To me it sounded like the part one needs to exchange to switch backends. Well, if it isn't the DatabasePager, what is it then? As far as I were able to follow your suggestions, I may need different PagedLODs or some kind of plugin you mentioned, but I don't know about already, correct :)?

A possible "backend" is of course the file system, but it should also be possible to handle a server with a proprietary protocol.

Thank you!


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