[osg-users] How to change "field of view"(FOV), distance.

Gianni Ambrosio g.ambrosio+osg at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 04:42:54 PDT 2017

Hi Arfaa,
here is my implementation:

bool ViewerWidget::setMainCameraFieldOfView(double iFov)
   osg::Camera* camera = mainView()->getCamera();
   double fovy, aspectRatio, zNear, zFar;
   bool result = camera->getProjectionMatrixAsPerspective(fovy, aspectRatio, zNear, zFar);
   if (true == result) {
      camera->setProjectionMatrixAsPerspective(iFov, aspectRatio, zNear, zFar);
   return result;

ViewerWidget inherits from osgViewer::CompositeViewer. Anyway what I notice on your code is that you use a CameraViewer while I set the FOV to a osg::Camera. You could try the code on a osg::Camera and if it works then I guess there is something to investigate on the CameraViewer side.

HTH, Gianni

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