[osg-users] memory issue about x-windows in Linux

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Aug 3 06:14:14 PDT 2017

"Lv Qing" writes:

> Hi,
>    I know it is not be an osg problem. Just want to know anyone here may met the same problem.
>    We use reahat linux 6.5 to run our osg app .The desktop is kde4.3.4. .
>     After 7 to 20 days,we found the X-windows Process (X) suddenly took all of system's memory ,and force linux to kill the process itself ,which result to force the redhat back to it's login windows.
>     I have observe both the osg and X problem every single day,it seems every stable ,not any trace of memory leak problem.Then just one short moment,the X process suddenly eats up all system memory .
>     My question is what the link with osg and  x-windows?Is it  because our app has some memory  leak problem to make the X process eat up too many memory  ?
>    Or just the X process cause the problem only due to itself?

Hi, Lv:

many parts of the system could be to blame, but I think that you can
start with some easy tests:

- Use valgrind's massif tool to or the new heaptrack
  (https://github.com/KDE/heaptrack).  Since yours is a long-running
  process, I would recommend the later, as it is lighter and faster.

- Try to run the program with a different GPU brand to rule out driver

Hope that helps,


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