[osg-users] OSG Running with modern OpenGL

Gedalia Pasternak gpasternak at mak.com
Mon Sep 26 07:35:09 PDT 2016

   I'm working on a OSG based rendering engine and we're trying to switch
OSG to run without OSG_GL_FIXED_FUNCTION_AVAILABLE and all the other
deprecated pipeline functions disabled. I'm wondering if there's a road map
for getting OSG to support all the various bits of functionality that
currently printf endlessly.
I managed to fix the osgText and stat drawing, which a number of people
have pointed out just need reasonable shaders associated with the draw
nodes. But Materials/lights/Alpha discard all seem a bit trickier requiring
either a ton of additional uniforms and more elaborate state tracking when
shaders switch or using uniform buffers, I'd rather not reinvent the wheel
or wind up patching osg endlessly with kludgy workarounds.

DI-Guy Engineering Lead, VT MÄK
150 Cambridge Park Drive, 3rd Floor, Cambridge, MA 02140
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