[osg-users] ReadImage not routing to plugin?

Rob Spearman rob at digitaliseducation.com
Fri Sep 23 12:01:56 PDT 2016

I am trying to understand why osgDB::readImageFile( "abc.ogv" ) does not 
get routed to the ffmpeg plugin.  I get no image loaded and I see that 
the readImage method of the plugin is not even called.

If I call osgDB::readImageFile( "abc.ogv.ffmpeg" ) it works, but that is 
not going to be an acceptable solution.

I registered the ogv file extension in the plugin with 
supportsExtension, and I even added a registry file extension alias as 
well.  I don't believe I have any conflicting plugins, and even using a 
new made up file extension I get the same problem.

What am I missing here?



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