[osg-users] Problematic call of flushDeletedGLObjects

Valerian Merkling niarkoleptik at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 08:13:15 PDT 2016


I can't figure out how to properly manage my composite viewer creation and destruction.

My main problem is when I close one of my view and destroy my composite viewer, flushDeletedGLObjects isn't called.

Then when I create a new one, I create the shaders, OSG links them to the context.

Next the frame() function is called, which call flushDeletedGLObjects.

The old shaders are flagged for destruction, and so they are, but this destroy the shader I loaded for this view, and I've no shader left at all.

So my question is : how am I supposed to do ? Shall I prevent thoses flushDeletedGLObjects ? Or shall I force them to be done on my compositeViewer destruction ? 

Thank you!


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