[osg-users] Lazy Disabling without VertexFuncsAvailable

Fabian Wiesel fabian.wiesel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 04:45:06 PDT 2016


I have converted my fixed function OSG program to a shader pipeline 
(using setVertexAttribArray and shaders instead of the setVertexPointer et al)
and did run into some issues when disabling "UseVertexAttributeAliasing", and OSG is compiled with OPENGL_PROFILE=GLCORE
(So OSG_GL_VERTEX_FUNCS_AVAILABLE is unset). I tested the same code on a linux with OSG compiled for a FFP.
And there, the code works as expected.

A simple test program is here: https://github.com/fwiesel/vertexarrayfunctest

An API trace of the failing case shows the following interesting part:
glVertexAttribPointer(0, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, NULL) # NULL is okay, the Array has been bound before
glDrawArrays(GL_POINTS, 0, 500)

No prior call to enable the array 1,2, 11, or 12 are issued.
The glDisableVertexAttribArray calls are coming from osg::State::applyDisablingOfVertexAttributes()
 as _useVertexAttributeAliasing is false, and each "<array>._lazy_disable" is true.
The state of "<array>._enabled" is never checked, as "disable<array>Pointer" is unconditionally mapped to the aliased "disableVertexAttribArray"

I think, the bug lies in the assumption of the lazy disabling, that if we do not use the aliasing, that there is a fixed function pipeline.
But if OSG_GL_VERTEX_FUNCS_AVAILABLE the functions are unconditionally mapped to aliased vertex attributes.

I think, the whole lazy disabling of aliased attributes is superfluous in that context, as each vertex attribute tracks its own state already,
and have proposed a patch accordingly: https://github.com/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/pull/125
With the patch applied, the code runs as expected.

Does anyone have a different explanation or a better proposal for solving the issue? It doesn't seem to be the acceptable solution.


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