[osg-users] Feedback/guidance sought on move of osgQt out into it's own project/repository

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 11:48:56 PDT 2016

Hi All,

The issue of supporting Qt4 and Qt5 isn't something we can do
concurrently with the current version of the OSG's osgQt library - the
compiler or the binaries distributor has to make a compile time
decision between Qt4 or Qt5.

We've discussed this topic before back then I resolved to remove osgQt
from the core OSG and move it out into it's own separate project where
it can be evolved further as required by the community and led by
members of the community that have Qt expertise that I don't possess.

I want to make this change before OSG-3.6, otherwise this issue will
still be a sticky issue for another couple of years with no resolution
as we wait for yet another stable release cycle.

I've now got far enough with my other my work in prep for OSG-3.6 that
it's time for me tackle moving osgQt out into it's own project.
Initially I can take on the work on just moving osgQt itself out and
getting to a place where it builds and runs independently from the
OSG, compiling against the upcoming OSG-3.6 and potentially OSG-3.2
and 3.4 if we change the library name.

I'd like to retain history from the present osgQt in the separated out
project, which is where I'd like feedback from the community on how
best to go about this.  Need git/github experts for this.

Another open question is where the osgQt itself would be hosted, and
perhaps whether it should become separate osgQt4 and osgQt5 projects
right from the start.

One possibility in the layout strucure might be to have something like:



With osgQt deferring to osgQt4 or osgQt5 in some manner to keep
backwards compatibility.  Not sure how much this is worth the effort

This is something for Qt/OSG users to chime in on.  My priority is
OSG/OpenGL rather than Qt, so won't feel the same pain if things
aren't done right while users with actual skin in the game i.e.
applications that use Qt will know what works and what doesn't far
more keenly.


So feedback on the practicalities of cloning what we need from the OSG
git/github to build a new base for osgQt.  And feedback on how you'd
like it to evolve in the future.  Also if we have  volunteers to take
the reign's and guide the project would be very welcome too.


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