[osg-users] OSG Ellipsoid to Sphere Conversion

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Mon Sep 26 14:54:10 PDT 2016

Hi Inna,

It still doesn't make a lot of sense, The ellipsoid model is to abstract 
geographic coordinates to geocentric coords. Lat, long however is 
spherical coordinates and can be mapped to an ellipsoid...
So please try  to rephrase your question: What is it what you want to 
do, or present some code that is not working for you.

> Hi Mr. Robert, geoc
> Thanks for the reply. Sorry , Seems  I explained very badly . Well , my issue is that I want to make sphere  and text on it. I was able to do with the EllipsoidModel and using log , lat and height. I want to do the same with same Sphere. But I dont have idea how to do with sphere the same thing. I want to make sphere with radius which varys basing on the screen coordinates. In osg::Sphere I can see setradius(), but how can i set radius to screen coordinates ?
> ...
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Inna
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