[osg-users] SingleThreaded leading to whole application just running on one core

Christoph Weiss weiss at wsoptics.de
Mon Sep 26 07:49:35 PDT 2016

Hi Robert,

On 09/26/2016 04:35 PM, Robert Osfield wrote:
> HI Christoph,
> On 26 September 2016 at 14:20, Christoph Weiss <weiss at wsoptics.de> wrote:
>> I strongly disagree with the last sentence.  It is the most general use case
>> possible:  using standard C++ features.
> Please quite the hyperbole.  It does you no favours.
> I am been writing C++ programs since 1992, been the project lead of
> the OSG since 1999, the OSG has been started to embrace
> mulit-ithreading in 2001.  I've interacted with thousands of
> developers over the years. Strongly disagree with you may, but think
> twice, between me and you who might know the most general use case for
> the OSG?
> I'm not some wet behind the ears engineer that knows nothing about
> C++, threading or performance, these are things that make the OSG what
> it is.
> When I say we are talking about a very specific usage case it's
> because in my 1i8 years as the project lead of the OSG it in my
> experience it is a specific usage case rather than a common one.

Robert, I'm not quite sure what prompts you to bring in personal 
attributes here.  Nor do I see any hyperbole to begin with.  I stated 
that I strongly disagree.  You can in turn disagree.  I never was my 
intention to make this personal, and quite frankly I do not see how I 
should have.

I did not question your authority on software development in general, or 
OSG specifically.  If you think I put this on a personal level, please 
point out where.  Otherwise, please refrain from arguments by authority, 
they do you no favors.

My only interest here is to improve OSG.  For me, it doesn't matter at 
all if the behavior of OSG is changed or not -- I already fixed it in 
our code base by using your suggestion for white I'm grateful.  I can 
quite clearly see future users run into the same issues that I had, and 
I'd like to see OSG improved and not make that happen.

However, since it feels as if this is turning into something about who's 
right, not technical aspects, I'll quit the entire discussion now.


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