[osg-users] SingleThreaded leading to whole application just running on one core

Pete Black pete at marchingcubes.com
Fri Sep 23 17:18:51 PDT 2016

> Affinity is set by default because the it will provide the best
> performance for majority of OSG applications. This might be a
> "terrible" reason for you, but the OSG development is motivated not by
> just focusing on one class of users needs or preferences, default
> settings we try to do the best for most OSG applications.

I have no particular desire to repeat the last discussion, but i'll say it again.

Hardcoding CPU affinity is:
a) unexpected
b) a premature optimisation 
c) not consistent across platforms
d) not easily reversible
e) a performance killer outside of one specific application model.
f) conflicting with other libraries that expect to set CPU affinity linked in the application

It is a terrible idea, and doing it in the context of a library is just plain wrong. 

PS. Reason f) doesn't really exist because other libraries don't do this, for reasons a,b,c,d and e.

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