[osg-users] osg_Vertex with GL compatibility profile

Ravi Mathur ravidavi at utexas.edu
Sat Sep 17 10:06:46 PDT 2016

Thanks Robert!

So do you know why using osg_Vertex works *without* using setUseVertexAttributeAliasing() on so many machines? I am compiling OSG with GL2 (no GL3 flags) on all machines. Is it just "undocumented behavior"?

Next question: if I use setUseVertexAttributeAliasing, then many of my textured polygons (e.g. Sphere) have what appears to be a flat color on them. The actual color used seems to be related to one point on the texture.

I see similar behavior if I run the "osgvertexattributes cow.osg" example (see attachment). Is Vertex Attribute Aliasing something that's only intended for GL3?


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