[osg-users] PagedLOD range for 2D image tiles

Valerian Merkling niarkoleptik at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 02:41:17 PDT 2016

> I am also using an Ortho2D projection (field of view 30 degrees)

There is no such things as field of view for Ortho projection. 

> So, Let me draw a specific scenario: an image pyramid, starting at scale 0.125, going all the way up to 0.25, 0.5, 1.0.I am also using an Ortho2D projection (field of view 30 degrees). The tiles are fixed size, and I know their size in pixels.
> Can I use PIXEL_SIZE_ON_SCREEN for my purpose? 

I think you can try somethings like setRange(id, 0.5, 2); for every tiles.

I mean you already have tile for each resolution level so you just need to show the one which is the closest to 1:1.

You need ranges of [0..A], [A..B], [B..C] when using the DISTANCE_FROM_EYE.

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