[osg-users] HUGE performance issue using models with bones (and animation).

Dario Minieri paradox at cheapnet.it
Wed Sep 7 01:49:35 PDT 2016


Ok, Robert I'm looking for osganimationhardware but right now I'm not able to understand the right way to switch on hardware animation easily. 

In any case I've made another test: object with bones -> low fps (i.e 45fps). During visualization I make an "hide" (masking the root of model). The model disappears but the fps stays exactly the same ( 45fps)!! The "update" field in stats stays very high in any cases even if the object is masked! 

So, there is another performance problem: I can accept the high cpu load using software skinning, but I can't optimize my simulation masking critical objects with bones which are not in camera view (because the cpu loading is the same!!). Its normal? 

Thank you!


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