[osg-users] HUGE performance issue using models with bones (and animation).

Dario Minieri paradox at cheapnet.it
Tue Sep 6 12:19:57 PDT 2016


As I said, in a real simulation the issue comes up again. It is osg 3.2.3. In a real simulation if I have no object with bones I have for example 90fps, with only one object with bones the fps low down to 45/50....if I use the same object without bones the fps come up to 90 again so isn't triangles a trivial count related problem.

Another strange thing: 

with an object with bones I have the same low fps in any situation even if I have the object on camera range or not! Otherwise, if I have the same object without bones in the frustum, I have a good fps rate but if I change the view the fps are higher! And that 's what I expect : If an object isn't in cemera view the fps should increase . Using a model with bones this not happens: fps are lower even if have no one object in camera.

Thank you!


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