[osg-users] Mouse Picking with Oculus Viewer

matt kennett m.kennett at uq.edu.au
Mon Oct 31 22:31:14 PDT 2016


I'm just trying to adapt a typical 2d version of a Fitts Law (reciprocal tapping task) experiment for a 3d presentation using a VR headset (oculus rift dk2). 

I would like to compare performance in the same kind of task using both a flatscreen and the VR headset, so would like to be able to click on spheres (ray-cast through them?) in the VR condition with a mouse pointer, to replicate the same task on the flat-screen. Is this possible? If so, does anyone have any ideas how? 

Essentially, I just want to be able show a movable mouse pointer, get the 'xy' coordinates of where the tip of it is when the participant clicks, and have the depth of the plane the mouse pointer travels over equal to nearest edge of the spheres (or could just use flat discs as targets if this makes it easier).

Have attached a snippet of my code so far if this helps. 


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