[osg-users] Converting 3d Models to OSG type

Uma Devi Selvaraj umaselvam1503 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 02:06:36 PDT 2016

Hi all,

         I tried simple program to do conversion from 3d model to osg type. I tried to call osgconv using system() method. Here is my code.
Generalized one:
        char *src = "D:/3D_Models/3D Model.obj";
	char *dest = "D:/converted_Models/3D Model.osg";
	std::cout << "converting ........" << std::endl;

	system("osgconv src dest");

	std::cout << "Completed Conversion !!!! :)" << std::endl;

Have i done any mistake in my code. Because I am getting message saying that no plug in to read "src" and "dest".

If I do like this,

system("osgconv D:/3D_Models/3D_Model.obj       D:/converted_Models/3D_Model.osg");   
I am able to convert. 

How will I change my code to generalize the conversion (like first method) so that i can get input and output from user ?.


Thank you!


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