[osg-users] svn and git versions builds fail

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Mon Oct 10 01:09:15 PDT 2016

Hi robert,

I'm working on a new release of the windows 3rdParty package.

The gif plugin makes still problems. It compiles well ,but throws errors while linking..

error LNK2019: Unresolved external symbol "reallocarray" in function "DGifSlurp".	D:\OpenSceneGraph\OpenSceneGraph-trunk_x64\src\osgPlugins\gif\giflib.lib(dgif_lib.obj)
error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "reallocarray".	D:\OpenSceneGraph\OpenSceneGraph-trunk_x64\src\osgPlugins\gif\giflib.lib(gifalloc.obj)

The used giflib is 5.1.4, the current stable release.

any ideas?


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