[osg-users] OSG with Qt on Android fails to render anything

Andrea Bracci abc.d at hotmail.it
Tue Oct 25 00:20:08 PDT 2016

Hi kornerr,

your reply seems to me quite an "off-topic"...anyway I'm writing my configuration below since it may be helpful to fully understand the problem.

Qt version: 5.7.0 (OpenSource) for Android armeabi-v7a
OSG version: 3.4.0, static build (as default for Android)
ABI version: armeabi-v7a
3rd party: for several reasons I have used the statically built 3rdparty libraries of OpenCV (e. g. libjpeg, libtiff...etc...). For the other libraries (like freetype, curl...etc...) I have used the ones found here: http://www2.ai2.upv.es/difusion/osgAndroid/3rdpartyAndroid.zip

With the exception of the 3rdparty libraries at the previous link I have built all by myself from scratch using cmake, without Android Studio. Clearly I have previously installed the Android SDK and NDK.


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