[osg-users] vertex_array_object branch merged with master

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Thu Oct 13 08:46:34 PDT 2016

Hi Robert,

I did some very basic testing of this for you yesterday.  There is
no need to respond back to me with any possible fixes or anything,
I am just passing this along to you for your information right now.
We have no plans on updating our OSG version in the near future.

I was able to successfully compile the release on OpenSuSE 13.2 64bit Linux.

Next I recompiled our Opensource OpenIG application against this release and everything compiled OK, with exception of one minor change to the source code for a missing function:

osg::State* state = renderInfo.getState();

I used 3.5.3 above only because that is what I know for sure as I do not
have a copy of 3.5.4 to check against.

After this change our OpenIG application runs with no segv's, however
there are a number of visual issues noted with the 3.5.6 master:

1.  The one FBX model in the scene is not positioned properly anymore.
     Although the shadow for it seems to still be in the correct location and
     even shows the animation of that model, even though visually the
     model itself is not in that location anymore.
2.. There appears to be something going on with our terrain shaders too
     as when I change the TOD to 10:00, the terrain all turns bright white
     from its normal textures.  In fact just moving around in the scene
     also results in the terrain textures disappearing totally.
3.  Seems that our F+ lighting implementation will also need some 
     adjustments as it appears not to be rendering properly anymore.

I know very little about how the shaders were implemented in
this application as most of this was done by our consultant, just passing
on some of the basic results as I seem them right now for you.

All of  this is working properly in the 3.5.3 version we have been using
so at some point between this and whats on the master branch now these
visual changes have shown up.

Anyhow I know its just some very basic info, but I figured I would pass
it along for you in case this is not what you might have expected with
this latest release.

We will be curious to see what if anything anyone else reports back to you.


Thank you!


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