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Djoé Denne djoe.denne at astrium.eads.net
Thu Nov 24 02:43:17 PST 2016


First of all, please excuse me for my English.
I'm a beginner in osg and osgEarth (and SIG). I have to make an spatial viewing  application with osgEarth, so i have to use osgEarth API.

I load an not georeferenced 3D model and i have the geo information in other file : DATUUM, Projection system, EPSG and an offset in meter for cartographic system and in seconds for geo system. I looking for set those informations programatically. Set the SRS is not a big deal, but I don't know how to set the offset.

I use a osgEarth::Map object with osgEarth::ModelLayer, I set the layer and put it in my map, then i set the SRS of my map :


and i create MapNode from my map. How I can set my offset ?

I also have a problem with EarthManipulator::setViewpoint(), it seems to didn't work. even in osgEarth example : osgearth_city, that create boston city and try to set a viewpoint close to boston. in the application, the viewpoint is never set, the view don't move.

Thank you!


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