[osg-users] Visual Studio 2015 3rd_party

Björn Lindahl b.lindahl at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 23:36:06 PST 2016

Thanks Bjorn for the osg-3rdparty-cmake project. It really helped alot. I got stuck on getting libtiff working with osg though and found out after banging my head against the wall for quite some time with the version linked to from the readme on github: libtiff(dot)org

Not sure if that site is getting moved or something but the last tested version you mention, 4.0.6 is not available from that site and there's many broken links on libtiff(dot)org. I actually got 4.0.6 from herelinuxfromscratch(dot)com which I found searching for libtiff and 4.0.6 (can't post links)

I thought I could build libtiff myself from libtiff site (v 3.8.2) but I failed to get rid of linking errors when building osg using it. I tried to build dlls for libtiff but I failed to get rid of the linking problems.

When switching to v4.0.6 from the link above, it worked right away. Maybe something to note in the readme on github for others that come across the project.



Thank you!


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