[osg-users] Best Applications for Model Editing with .ive File Format

Erik Hensens ehensens at hunter.com
Wed Nov 9 13:24:29 PST 2016

Hello everyone!

Let me apologize in advance if this is a duplicate question. I tried hard to find the answer elsewhere in the forums but I didn't see anything. If I missed it, please just point me toward the original post.

What are the best options for 3D modeling applications that can directly edit a model in the .ive file format? As it currently stands, whenever I want to edit my model I have to perform a conversion process from its native format used by the 3D modeling application in order to make the .ive file, and this conversion process is far from perfect. Aside from that, it's a major pain.

Surely there must be some sophistocated 3D modeling application that can directly handle .ive files?

Thanks in advance for any help! 8) 


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