[osg-users] OSG SIGGRAPH was a TOTALLY Massively Success

John Richardson richards at spawar.navy.mil
Thu Nov 3 10:21:27 PDT 2016


I'm the SIGGRAPH BOF moderator.

Let me see if I can dig them [Robert's slides] up and send them to you and
whomever else wants them.

Note: I will send you and Steve Satterfield, Prabhat's slides. He indicated
that the slides could be released. His slides are interesting because:
1) It is an actual case study of using OSG to create an android and iOS app.

 www.biodigital.com  is his company's website. 
Interested individuals can also go to youtube and type in Biodigital....:-)
The app is on the Apple and android stores....:-)
So, of particular interest to anyone just starting. The bottom  line seems
to be that Prabhat was able to stand up a development environment reasonably
easy. Troubleshoot any integration issues relatively efficiently and is able
to integrate the latest repository drops with minimum headaches for cross
platform app deployment.

So, it seems as though the guru's of OSG are producing top notch stuff with
a case study to prove it...:-)

If anyone wants this case study just email me off list. 


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I am starting looking at OpenSceneGraph...I also want to see this slide in
order to get a good idea about the recent OpenSceneGraph. Where I can find
it ?


robertosfield wrote:
> On 2 August 2016 at 04:38, Tony Vasile wrote:
> > Are Robert's slides available somewhere for those of us who couldn't
make it?
> > 
> I will create a page on openscenegraph . org for them.
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