[osg-users] How to implement pagedLOD without reading from files?

Werner Modenbach Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu
Wed Nov 16 07:51:29 PST 2016

Hi Robert,

I think I have all the coding done and in my opinion  it should work.
But it doesn't and I figured out why.
When using osgDB with my own ReaderWriter it automatically uses the
dynamic load feature and the ReaderWriter is expected to be a dll in the
plugins folder.
Unfortunately my ReaderWriter is very much depending on many classes I
have in my
project and also has dependencies to Qt.
Creating such a dll would be a complete overkill of link dependencies.
Is there any way avoiding the dynamic load mechanism and using an
instance of a
class being part of my static libs?

Thanks in advance for any hints.

- Werner -

Am 11.11.2016 um 12:47 schrieb Robert Osfield:
> Hi Wener,
> On 11 November 2016 at 11:32, Werner Modenbach
> <Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu> wrote:
>> just one more small question.
>> As to my understanding the ReaderWriter classes are instantiated
>> automatically
>> according to the "file extensions". So I get no hands on the instances of
>> the reader.
>> How can I give the reader class a reference to my data structures?
> You can pass data into a plugin via the osgDB::Options object that you
> can pass along with the string used for the filename.  The Options
> object can store user data as well be subclassed.
> Robert.
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