[osg-users] How to implement pagedLOD without reading from files?

Chris Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Wed Nov 9 09:43:19 PST 2016

Basically you make a custom URI scheme to name each "file" in the PagedLOD
object, like


Then you create and register a pseudoloader that accepts requests for
"files" ending in the ".werner_texion_tile" extension. But when your
pseudoloader is called to "load" one of these "files", you simply parse the
"filename" to get the tile ID from it, and then construct the resulting
subgraph using the assets already available in memory (or over a network,
or however you wish to get the real data to make the subgraph) and return
it as if you had just loaded it from disk.

There's nothing "disk" specific about the URI system in the PagedLOD

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