[osg-users] Up vectors in setHomePosition with FirstPersonManipulator doesn't seems to affect camera view changes

Simone Rapposelli simone.rapposelli at gmail.com
Wed May 18 01:05:02 PDT 2016

Hi Robert,

first of all thank you for your reply.
I am already able to set the correct position by using sethomeposition and then calling home, but my problem is that I need to set a specific "up" vector: I have tried any possible setting but my camera rest always in the default (0,0,1) orientation (I didn't specify that I need to show a point cloud in perspective view from the ground).
By using for example TrackBallManipulator instead it works, so it seems that is a problem of this manipulator that doesn't allow to set up vector.
Is there a manipulator similar to FirstPersonManipulator that allow to set the "up" vector?
Thank you again

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