[osg-users] Smart Pointer for Memory Management

Diwas Bhattarai osgforum at tevs.eu
Thu Mar 31 17:19:59 PDT 2016


I want to use Openscenegraph on my Window Form Application. In the moment I am writing a Wrapper in CLR application and exporting as a dll and importing it in my Window Form Application.

The Problem:
I cannot use 
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Group> osgRodot;

 in my header file where my ref class is defined. 

> IntelliSense: a member of a managed class cannot be of a non-managed class type

But I can use the same code inside any functions of the class. But if I initialize inside the class I cannot use it in another functions. I want to use it in different functions so it's need to be accesible to every functions.

Anyone already faced this problem and could help me?

Thank you!


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