[osg-users] determining new size of rendering window after a user resizing

Robert Kiser rkiser at k2engineeringinc.com
Thu Mar 31 08:08:03 PDT 2016

Hello All

First, I apologize profusely if I am asking a newbie question with an obvious answer.  I am a technical software developer w/ 30 years experience in other languages (FORTRAN, Assembler, VB.Net) but have only very recently been exposed to C++ and OSG.

My question is: how (on a Windows system) can I determine the size of the rendering window after the user has resized it?  (I was wanting this info so I could set the rendering window back to the desired size the next time the user ran the program.)  I thought that there would be a quick and simple answer, but for some reason I can't seem to some up with it.

I've done numerous google searches along the lines of: "OpenSceneGraph get window size",  "OpenSceneGraph get window width", etc. to no avail.

I did find a hit talking about a class called Producer which I am understanding is deprecated from an older version of OSG.  I am presently using OSG 3.4.0 and was wanting a solution for that version.

Thanks in advance for your help as I delve deeper into the exciting world of OSG.

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