[osg-users] Support for sampler arrays

Chris Kuliukas chris at kuliukas.com
Mon Mar 21 23:32:15 PDT 2016


Working on an app that is going to be doing a lot of work with large texture processing, and will need to squeeze as much data into graphics memory as possible and allow many textures to be referenced programmatically.

I've got texture arrays working, but can't use this for all requirements since all layers in a texture array have to be the same size.

It looks like I could use sampler arrays (e.g. sampler2D myTextures[20]; ), but osg::Uniform doesn't seem to support such a thing.

I'm also wondering if there's an easy way to easily run your own OpenGL commands in case something isn't supported yet and you just want to use GL directly instead of waiting for the OSG implementation?

Thank you!


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