[osg-users] Correct way to set auto scale with osg::AutoTransform

Victoria Rudakova vicrucann at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 11:02:00 PDT 2016

Dear OSG community,

I am trying to set auto scale property of osg::AutoTransform variable. I
would like to achieve such an effect that whatever the viewing camera
position and its distance from a certain geometry, the geometry's size
would not change.

As an example geometry, I have this pyramid:

[image: Inline image 1]

I found an example "osgautotransform"

that seem to have an element of what I need. I tried to use the same
commands, for example:

*osg*::AutoTransform* at = *new* osg::AutoTransform;
at->addChild(geode); // geode constains my pyramid geometry and color
at->setMinimumScale(1); // some test values

// to render the scene:
root->addChild(at); // root is osg::Group

However, it did not produce any changes in how the scene is rendered when I
change the camera view (i.e., the pyramid becomes smaller when camera zooms
out and bigger when zooms in). I tried the command that sets up auto rotate
mode and it works to fix the rotation. So how come I cannot control the

Could anyone point out what am I doing wrong or what is missing here? Thank

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