[osg-users] Crash in osg 3.4.0 on Virtual Machine when OSG_GL3_AVAILABLE enabled

Barney Wrightson barney.wrightson at consilium.technology
Tue Mar 8 17:26:37 PST 2016


I built osg 3.4.0 with OSG_GL3_AVAILABLE enabled and it was working fine on my dev box, but when I loaded my app on a virtual machine with not much 3D support, It crashed with a null pointer exception in the BufferObject constructor at the line (71):

_extensions->glGenBuffers(1, &_glObjectID);

glGenBuffers pointer is null.

In State.cpp the following line (1319) in State::computeVertexBufferObjectSupported() :

_isVertexBufferObjectSupported =  OSG_GLES2_FEATURES || OSG_GL3_FEATURES || osg::isGLExtensionSupported(_contextID,"GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object");

seems wrong to me, if the driver doesn't support BufferObjects then they shouldn't be used right? I am guessing this is the problem because when I build without OSG_GL3_FEATURES set (OSG_GLES2_FEATURES is not set either) then I don't get the crash on my virtual machine.


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