[osg-users] Rendering OSG objects inside an existing OpenGL loop

Clement Begotto c.begotto at laposte.net
Thu Mar 3 09:31:49 PST 2016


I am working on a software which already has its existing OpenGL context and loop. I have to represent objects with different Level of Detail and I have decided to use OSG because it manages itself LODs that have to be displayed.

The problem is that some objects are drawn before and after my OSG objects and I dont want them to be erased. Currently I use the frame() method but  it only draw the last OSG group and the following non OSG objects because frame() reset and swap buffers. So I need OSG to draw in the back buffer without clearing it before and  without swapping after.

Is there any way to only do the drawing of an OSG object inside an existing OpenGL loop without clearing or swapping buffers ?


Thank you!


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