[osg-users] Stats not showing after changing camera manipulator, what would be the cause?

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 00:13:30 PDT 2016

On 29 March 2016 at 21:50, Alexandre Vaillancourt <
alexandre.vaillancourt.list at gmail.com> wrote:

> It seems related to how we do our mirrors: it works well when there are no
> mirrors, but when we start the software with the mirrors, the issue
> happens. I'll keep on digging...

There isn't too much others can help with because the problem is likely
very specific to the things you've done.  The best we can do is make
general suggestions and things to try.  The finding that mirrors have an
effect is hint that either the mirrors are overdrawing the stats or leaking
OpenGL state in a way that is causing problems with the rendering of the
stats.  It could be other issues, but these are my best guess based on
small amount of info.

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