[osg-users] Support for sampler arrays

Chris Kuliukas chris at kuliukas.com
Tue Mar 22 02:58:22 PDT 2016

Thanks, I'll have to think about whether it would be feasible for me to spend time in this project altering osg core..

See i do like texture arrays, they would be ideal, except that I'm dealing with GIS data grids, so stretching/compressing them would lose information or memory space. I want to be able to store several grids of various sizes at the correct resolution, and be able to look up data from them programmatically in the shaders so I can superimpose data from one layer onto another etc.

http://www.hrwallingford.com/facilities/ship-simulation-centre (http://www.hrwallingford.com/facilities/ship-simulation-centre)

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