[osg-users] OSGViewer & examples Problem

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Sun Mar 6 09:53:12 PST 2016

Hi, Simon!

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to experiment with OSG vs MSVC2015,
but I already build OSG with MSVC2013 and for me everything works fine.

If you're interested, you can try my binaries:


Download installer dad-0.3.0-windows-vc12x86-stable.exe or dad-0.3.0-windows-vc12x64-stable.exe and install the OpenSceneGraph.

If you have any other questions, ask them here - I will try to answer.

06.03.2016, 20:28, "Simon Jackson" <sizeak at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I've just started looking into OSG and I've built it all from source with VS2015 (generated by CMake). Everything builds ok and I am reading the "Openscenegraph quick start guide" book.
> When I run any of the samples or try the simple samples from the book, I either get nothing rendered or white blocks and I'm not really sure what the problem could be. I thought it was because the textures etc were missing, until I tried the first example from the book which just programmatically builds a coloured square which is exported to an .osg file to be used with osgviewer.
> The file is exported successfully, however when I try and view it with the viewer all I get is a purple background. If I press s for the statistics info, it just shows white blocks so it is quite something broken with my build.
> Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong?
> Thanks,
> Simon
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Konstantin Podsvirov

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