[osg-users] hook osg into other window

Han Hu huhan8807 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 19:00:05 PDT 2016


Here is my problem.

I am writing a plugin for a 3D modeling software , sketchup, and going to draw some 3D things into the OpenGL context. But it does not have any Api for customizing the rendering. So I have to hook my rendering stuffs into its render loop, which I do not have access.

I can get the Windows handle HWND of the top window, maybe from that I can track to which window is doing rendering and the OpenGL context.

So here is my question,
1. If I get the HWND of the rendering window, can I draw additional things into it? Even if I do not have the access to the render loop, and start my own loop.
2. Another strategy, create another window and OpenGL context, that is overlaid on to existing window, but the overlay is transparent and do not interact with user.The new context only retrieves matrix from the existing one. 

Thank you!


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