[osg-users] [osgPlugins] Collada in VS2013

Sam Jones cambienta at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 10:32:59 PDT 2016


I'm having some trouble getting .dae files to load in a program I've been writing in VS2013.

The OpenSceneGraph .dae plugin actually builds and has been building without hitch for a while now-- however, it does nothing (when loading a .dae file I am given the generic error which I wrote into my program). I have checked my CMAKE configuration and all fields related to COLLADA are pointing to the correct places. So, I decided to peel a bit further back and go back to getting COLLADA itself to build on the computer, as this is part of what is advised on the OpenSceneGraph website. 

I switched to working on building the COLLADA DOM library, v2.2. Their package provides solution files for Visual Studio up to v2010, so I did some digging around and was working on getting a running solution going in VS2013: got all the requisite dependencies built in 2013, updated the links, etc...however, could not get a solution to build. I also couldn't find much reference to other folks having done so; perhaps this is not necessary. So I set up VS2010 and built COLLADA as it came with, as predicted, no problems, and re-adjusted OSG's CMAKE configuration to point to this build, instead-- this still does not work, which I was not expecting it to as my understanding the libraries being used should be built using the same toolchains for both OSG and the program being written. 

I've increased the verbosity of debugging messages, but haven't been able to follow them to anything useful. It could just be that I've done something else wrong somewhere else, but I was wondering if any of you had any pointers on Collada with OSG in VS2013.

Thank you!


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