[osg-users] [ANN] OpenIG 2.0.2 Relase

Trajce Nikolov NICK trajce.nikolov.nick at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 13:22:49 PDT 2016

Hi Community,

this still young project is growing slowly :-). Again, it is openscenegraph
cross-platform opensource image generator with focus on visual quality and
the most, simplicity and easy of use ( a bit of marketing :-)
http://openig.compro.net).  There are already 3 commercial projects already
using OpenIG and I thanks to all of the involved.This release is focusing
on the visual quality and bug fixes. Here is what is new in the new release
posted just few mins ago:

*- CIGI Plugin: *Very simple implementation using the Boeing's CIGI Class
Library (CCL). It was tested with osgearth application and the CIGI Host
Emulator. Only a very thin subset of CIGI packets are implemented in
synchronous mode - something like synicing the host with OpenIG and move
around models and the camera, all in Geocentric.

*- Simulation project. *3 very simple projects joined OpenIG that show how
to fast setup a simple networked simulation using OpenIG: 1. A simple host
2. Simple Terrain Query Server and 3. Simple OpenIG plugin showing how to
drive OpenIG over network using the OpenIG simple networking protocol. Some
of our friend companies evaluating OpenIG found these projects very handy

* - Forward+ lighting plugin*: Still using the plugin from the previous
version but I want to mention that some GPU acceleration tests using CUDA
were made as well use of the Intel's Threading Building Blocks (TBB). More
work is required and this is planned for one of the feature release

A demo is available for Windows as signed binary installers from the OpenIG
download website. And don't forget to visit the Gallery there :-)

Thanks for reading and the interest!


trajce nikolov nick
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