[osg-users] Keep Geometry always visible withtout occlusions

Daniel Neos daniel.rd at hotmail.de
Wed Jul 6 12:08:48 PDT 2016


I have a scene consisting one geometry node. This node contains 2 geometries. One of them has a lot of vertices, color are bound per vertex.
The other one is a single vertex, but set with a point of the size of 15, basically it is just a 'fat' vertex. This servers as a marker.

This marker shall be always visibile, but unfortunalety the other geometry mostly occludes the marker. It seems like the marker is stuck in between.

I managed it to get it always visible with making the marker opaque and setting the other geometry as transparent.

But now since it is transparent, unwanted (but understandable) effects occurs (the background can shine through).

Is there a way to always keep a marker unoccluded with letting the actual geometry opaque.

Thank you!


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