[osg-users] Dividing a window into smaller areas

Tony Vasile minghia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 01:44:35 PDT 2016

I'm porting a Performer application to OpenSceneGraph and it is drawing the simulated view into a series of smaller regions on the screen. The way the application works is that it starts at the first position set the viewport to the desired position draws the piece of the panorama moves to the next region and updates the viewport to this new piece of the window and draws that section.

Basically I have window that is big enough to hold 3 rows of 16 regions which represents a 360 degree panorama, i.e the 360 degrees is divided into 48 panes. 

When I move the viewport around the window the panes are jumbled and aren't in the  correct order. Does the method of updating the window make sense in OpenSceneGraph? I have looked at the locations of the panes and the numbers are correct for  where the pane is supposed to be located but when I look at the image it is just not what is expected. And suggestions?

Tony V

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