[osg-users] [build] OSG Build Error on Mac OSX with XCode 7 and CMake 3.4 (or greater)

Ravi Mathur ravidavi at utexas.edu
Fri Jul 29 12:17:45 PDT 2016

Hi Robert (and any other OSX OSG devs),

Nowadays XCode only includes the OSX 10.11 SDK, which supports deployment targets back to 10.7. So one can use the 10.11 SDK to target OSX 10.8, which is what CMake does via CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET.

However, CMake 3.1.0 was the first major release to fully support using the 10.11 SDK regardless of which OSX version you're actually running. So in CMake < 3.1.0, OSG devs on OSX might need to manually change the CMAKE_OSX_* variables. But in CMake >= 3.1.0, the correct OSX SDK and deployment-target combo is found automatically.

So my question is, should we bump the minimum CMake version on OSX to 3.1.0 since it works for (presumably) everyone, or stick with 2.8.0 with the understanding that users will have to manually set CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT and CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET? My preference is to bump it, but if you choose the latter path, you may get many questions from users who get CMake errors on their initial Configure run. Or maybe not, since apparently I'm the only one complaining here.  |-) 


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