[osg-users] [build] OSX X11 Build System Failures

Ravi Mathur ravidavi at utexas.edu
Thu Jul 28 23:26:54 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I realized that the OpenGL link dependencies for OSG are not quite correct for OSX/X11. Specifically, if OSG_WINDOWING_SYSTEM is X11 then osgViewer is built with X11/OpenGL, but osg (base) is still built with Cocoa/OpenGL. This mismatch of OpenGL implementations can cause very unexpected runtime errors for 3rd-party apps that use OSG on OSX/X11.

An example of this happens when running "osgviewer cow.osg" with an OSX/X11 build; the viewer starts in fullscreen. As things are now, if you press "f", it goes into windowed mode but the window is black. With the proposed change, everything works as expected.

My proposed change is to move the OSX/X11-specific OpenGL link code from osgViewer/CMakeLists.txt to the root CMakeLists.txt. I've done this, and am testing it out now. I'll post the git patch to osg-submissions soon.


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